Phil's Nestbox 2017

• 2017-05-24: And they're away! All six chicks fledged this-morning.

• 2017-05-22: All six chicks are doing well. They will likely leave the nest some time this week.

• 2017-05-16: The chicks are growing quickly, they now have most of their feathers and have started flapping and stretching their wings. There are six chicks remaining with at least one unhatched egg.

• 2017-05-03: The first of the nine eggs have hatched.

• 2017-04-20: The female has started incubating the eggs. This normally lasts about two weeks, so the eggs should begin hatching around the 4th of May.

• 2017-04-18: There are now six eggs. There may be a few more before she's finished.

• 2017-04-14: The female has started roosting in the box again, though not always sitting on the eggs.

• 2017-04-13: Despite not roosting overnight, the female entered the box at about 6am and laid the first egg.
This is very unusual - normally the female will roost overnight first.

• 2017-04-06: Some more material was brought in today but the box is empty tonight, she is roosting elsewhere.

• 2017-04-05: The nest is mostly finished now, with just the occasional visit to add more soft material around the egg cup.

Sometime within the next week the female will begin staying overnight.
The female has spent her first night in the box, the first egg should be laid within the next week.